The closest ragù avaiable. This time Chef Michele Granuzzo surprises us and decides to use soya, which is flavoured and enriched with sage, bay leaves and rosemary. The result is simply surprising. Try it to believe.


The first time we tasted this sauce made by chef Michele Granuzzo, we were simply astounded. “Sorry Michele, but are you sure you didn’t put any meat in it?”. Granted that our aim is not to emulate the taste of meat products, but to prepare tasty products that anyone can enjoy, in this case the similarity is truly astonishing.
The chef starts with 100% Italian non-GMO soya that is hydrated with water and flavoured with natural spices such as sage, bay leaves and rosemary. The soya, hydrated and flavoured, is added to the soffritto made with carrot onion and celery and the 100% Italian tomato. All deglazed with red wine to give that extra touch of flavour to all the ingredients.
A slow cooking process balances and homogenises all the flavours. The end result is reminiscent of a traditional ragout, but made in a natural way using only vegetable products. Try it with your friends without telling them it is vegetable and you will see that most of them will not even notice the difference. Let us know how it went.

Complete List
tomato puree (31 %), tomato semiconcentrate (24 %), sunflower oil, soy granulate (7.6 %), onion, celery, carrot, red wine, rosemary, salt, garlic, sage, laurel, lemon juice.
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Raguvè+ is a vegetable ragù containing four ingredients with incredible properties.

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