The collaboration with chef Michele Granuzzo has made it possible to revisit an ancient and typical recipe in a vegetable key.
The 100% Italian-grown tomato blends perfectly with the lentil varieties to offer a delicate and tasty sauce with high nutritional value.


Sauteed (carrot, onion and celery), 100% Italian tomato, lentils (black-brown), spices (laurel sage and rosemary). Here is RAGUVÈ, the vegetable lentil ragout, tasty and complete from a nutritional point of view. Lentils in fact, in addition to providing a good supply of protein, are very rich in iron, phosphorus and B vitamins, contain flavonoids and niacin, and thanks to their thiamine content, help concentration and memory.

This ragout is 100% natural and is excellent not only for seasoning pasta, but can also be used to prepare tasty and quick aperitifs as well as to enrich a main course. Children and parents love it because it contains no preservatives or added sugar and is also suitable for those who follow a gluten-free diet.

Complete List
tomato puree (29%), tomato semiconcentrate (22%), tofu [15%, (SOYA, water, sunflower oil, magnesium chloride)], onion (12%), sunflower oil, white wine, SOYA sauce (water, SOYA beans), salt, garlic, lemon juice, smoked sweet paprika, smoker.
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Lentils are the nice touch in our Raguvè, both for their goodness and for their properties: rich in vegetable protein, they counteract free radical activity and are rich in fibre!

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