About us

  • A plant-based attitude 
    that changes everything 
    without having to give up anything

Taste and health to improve
the quality of your life

Our team works to create a world where food is healthy,
tasty and sustainable, without giving up anything.

To do this we collaborate with the most Italian Green Chefs to create innovative and tasty recipes, selecting natural and tasty ingredients, to bring the creativity of good Italian cuisine to the table.

Our recipes are created by a Green Chef in a small cuisine. Our team subsequently industrializes it, with the help of the University and Research and Development laboratories, keeping all its natural characteristics.

The fina result is both and healthy and tasty sauce, like homemade, that we are sure you will love!

Our physical and mental wellbeing depend on the foods we choose to eat. 

Gourmet savory sauces - 100% plant based


Italian green chef

The cooperation with the most famous italian Green Chefs guarantees our delicious and innovative recipes.


Our innovative and natural recipes comes from the synergy between the best Universities and the best Research laboratories.